Earldom OT48 OTG Lightning To Usb 3.0


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Switch From Lightning to OTG USB Earldom ET-OT48
You are looking for a product line to convert from a Lightning port on Apple iPhone and iPad to OTG + USB to help you copy photos, videos
We Earldom Vietnam launches Jack product line Convert From Lightning to OTG + USB Earldom ET-OT48

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Earldom OT48 OTG Lightning To Usb 3.0

With features such as:
Transfer photos and data from camera
Copy data from USB, memory card filter
Using MIDI devices
Support converting to devices that support LAN port
=> Go To Your iPhone or iPad Mobile Device
Switch from the Lightning Port on Apple’s iPhone and iPad Models to OTG + Usb to help you Copy Photos and Videos
Copy Data from Usb, Memory Card filter to your iPhone or iPad mobile device

DKID 9831
Code Earldom_ETOTG_OT48
External Product ID 6971410559263 White






Earldom OT48 is used for peripherals such as USB, Mouse, Keyboard, Memory Card Reader, … for iPhone, iPad lightning port

✔ Compatible with tasks:

+ Read memory cards and USB, copy data, photos.

+ Connect with Mouse, keyboard wirelessly and wired.

Connect as OTG for music equipment, audio decoder DAC

+ Connect OTG with Micro with USB port.

✔ Earldom OT48 supports iPhone with iOs 9.2-13 and above.

✔ Earldom OT48 can be easily connected and used quickly.

✔ Earldom OT48 is not fussy about the device, very high compatibility, smooth use.

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